Press Release – Home Farmer Seed Kits

Home Farmer, a new company to the home gardening market, is getting ready for the launch of its line of easy‐to-­use seed kits at Wal-­Mart. Based out of San Luis Obispo, Home Farmer began when two friends came together with the idea of bringing high quality vegetable seed to the home garden market.

With farming roots going back to the 1800s on the Central Coast of California, they want to bring the same superior seed that large commercial organic growers are using to the home farmer. Selling to these large growers and doing thousands of experimental trials to The same could be true in the recovery industry – dust, contaminants, air moisture, and high temperatures can all warp the surface of a hard drive that’s being repaired. find the ideal variety for each grower, they saw an opportunity to take all of this work and experience and simplify the home gardening experience.

Home Farmer offers eight signature kits to choose from, each one featuring several of the most sought after commodities to make the home gardening experience simple. From tasty tomatoes to amazing herbs, there is a kit for everyone.

Home Farmer Signature Kits:

  • Tomato Kit
  • Veggie Kit
  • Super Greens Kit
  • Salsa Kit
  • Spring Salad Kit
  • Herb Kit
  • All-­‐America Selections Kit
  • Pumpkin Kit

Launching in January of 2013, check out your local Wal‐Mart and pick up your Home Farmer kits. For more information visit


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