Basic Gardening Tips

Here are some helpful Home Farmer tips that will help you Dig What You Eat!

  • Damp not Soggy: Soil that is too wet and soggy can contribute to disease and mold
  • Plan Ahead: This ensures that your plants will mature when you would like, taking into consideration varying time and requirements, as well as the last frost date for your area.
  • Good Sunlight: When planning your garden, make sure you pick a spot for your garden that has plenty of sun and water.
  • Good Soil: Improve the soil in your garden by adding amendments. This will lead to a more successful garden in which your plants can thrive in!
  • Rotate Crops: Every year, rotate your plants around the garden. Avoid planting the same plants in the same location in your garden. This will prevent pests and diseases from building up.
  • Weed Regularly: Keep your garden clean of debris, weeds and dead  plants.
  • Space Seeds Properly: Planting depth and space is critical to the success of your garden. Home Farmer’s signature kits provide planting instructions to give you the most success so you can Dig What You Eat!
  • Keep Organized: Always label your plants in the garden to keep it organized.
  • Good Upkeep: Create a weekly schedule of garden chores so all maintenance and care is kept up, as well as harvesting and preserving.
  • Check for Pests: Take care to check for pests that may be harming your garden. A good way to get rid of insect pests is to let ladybugs loose in your garden!
  • Use Great Seeds: When selecting seeds, keep in mind that you want to grow the best varieties. Home Farmer has already selected the best varieties out there with high germination rates and exceptional disease resistance.


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