Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Moms who garden might just be the best moms to buy gifts for! They find happiness in the simple things and love anything and everything that will add to their outdoor masterpiece. This Mother’s Day, give a gift to your mom that she will love to use while doing one of her favorite activities, gardening! The best part about a gardening mom is that they appreciate gifts from every price point whether you are giving her one seed packet, a wheelbarrow, or DIY pass4sure project made just for her.

Some of the best Mother’s Day gifts are made, not bought, because they are created just as her garden is, with time, hard work and thought. Even those on a small budget can make a perfect gift for Mom. Need some ideas? Make her a homemade garden sign, a garden basket, a surprise coupon for “Weed Picking for the Day,” or even decorate a vase or pot that she can place in her garden.  A Home Farmer seed kit is the perfect gift for Mom! The kits are perfect because your mother can plant and watch her vegetables grow knowing that it was a gift from a loved one, but also because with our top quality seed, she is guaranteed a bountiful harvest! Pick one up and add it to your home-made project to create a perfect little gift basket for mom! But no matter what you give her, we all know that what a mom appreciates most is a thoughtful gift that was created with love. pass4sure

If you have a couple bucks saved up, we have some great ideas for you! Put together a gardening gift basket full of garden tools, gloves, a watering can and some Home Farmer seed kits! With these essentials, her garden is sure to flourish!  If you are looking to be a little creative you can purchase a 5 gallon bucket and decorate it for the perfect garden seat so your mom can take a little rest in the garden. Adding something you made specially for her will add the perfect finishing touch to your gift.

For the big spenders, there are numerous options to buy your mom a pricy gift she will use forever. Our advice? Get mom a wheelbarrow or garden cart that can retail anywhere between $100 to $200. While this is a little more expensive, it is an item that will be used daily, and are sturdy enough to withstand the many garden seasons to come! Another great buy could be a very comfortable outdoor chair or even a bench, because we know if your mom is the gardening type she sure does enjoy the outdoors and sitting in her garden to admire her hard work!



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