Watering Your Garden 101

Water Wisely: Watering your Plants

Vegetable plants depend on regular watering in order to grow. Lack of water and overwatering are the most common reason for plants dying. During dry period in the summer it may be necessary to visit the garden twice daily to check on young seedlings to water them. Installing water saving devices such as rain barrels to maximize water conservation is also a great way to get the most out of the environment!

On hot days, water in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler. This gives the moisture an opportunity to soak slowly into the soil. Watering at midday in full sun can cause the leaves to scorch, and water quickly evaporates rather than soaking in. The soil type, especially its ability to drain, also affects how plants will need to be watered. Below are some of the most common and efficient ways to water you garden.

Watering with a Nozzle: Watering cans are useful for controlling how much water is given to individual plants. Attach a fine nozzle to the spout to give a gentle flow. This way of watering is ideal when watering young plants.

Puddle Watering: Creating a hollow bowl around plants acts as a reservoir, allowing water to pool at their bases and slowly soak down to the roots. However, make sure that the roots are still covered by soil, otherwise they will dry out even more quickly, and can be eaten by critters.

Using a hose: This is the quickest method of watering large areas, but it can be wasteful. Direct the hose at the base of each plant so the water reaches the roots and doesn’t splash wastefully off the leaves.

Using a Homemade Funnel: Cut the bases off plastic bottles and busy the mouth ends in the soil next to the plants. This creates a full that will channel the water directly to the roots.

Drip Irrigation System: Want to make the watering easy too? Add drip irrigation, with a timer, it will deliver a steady supply of water to your plants, whether you’re in the garden or on vacation in Hawaii. Rather than casting a wide spray or steady stream of water over a large area, drip irrigation dribbles out tiny quantities of water to provide steady soaking in specific places.


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