How to Cut The Perfect Flower Bouquet!

It’s that time of the year again! You finally get the courage after seeing a luscious bouquet of sunflowers to chop down the ones you have been able to watch flourish these past months. Have no fear! The upside to this tragic event is a stunning bouquet of flowers straight from the fruits of your labor that will soon be displayed for all to see. This article details the perfect way to cut your flowers, because we know as gardeners that keeping your harvest healthy and happy every step of the way is extremely important.

1. Best time of day to cut flowers?

– The best time to cut flowers is in the morning, when the plants cells are at their maximum capacity.

1.    Sterilize equipment:

– Clean your knife/shears, and your bucket with bleach and water.

2.    Use Warm Water:

– The temperature that plant enzymes function the best is between 100-110° F. Plant food water additive can be used as early as this step.

3. When are Flowers Ready to Cut?

– Flowers that have recently opened, or buds that are near to opening are the best choice for extending the life of your arrangement.

4. Where to Cut Flowers?

– Cut just above where the stem forks to another group of flowers.

5. How to Cut Flowers?

– Use a sharp knife, razor blade, or shears. Do NOT use pruners with only one blade opposite a flat anvil. Just like bread, you want to avoid smashing while cutting at all costs.

– Cut with a shallow angle that doesn’t leave the end of the stem pointy or fragile.

– Once the flower has been cut, all attention should be spent on preparing that flower before moving on to the next:

– Put the stem instantly into the bucket of warm water. Cut the stem again in the same way while submerged under water.

– Remove all unwanted leaves at this time. Gently rest the flower in the water with no leaves submerged.

– Move onto next

6.    Post Harvest Preparation: Once a sufficient amount have been collected, place your vase full of warm water in the coolest part of the house for 1 to 2 hours. Following this, the flowers will be plump and ready for arrangement.

– Never allow leaves to sit in the water, as this will cause rotting.

– Add clean WARM water to the vase daily.

– Keep vase as clean as possible

7. Plant food water additives can extend the life of your cut flowers by 100%. Research has proven that commercial additives are by far the best, and contain a mixture that kills bacteria, keeps the stem unclogged, and feeds the flower. Do not use pennies, aspirin, or sugar.


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