DIY Veggie Stamped Tea Towels


Tea Time is known for pleasant place settings, delightful decor and glorious goody bags. Home Farmer has combined all of these tea party must-haves into one with our delectable DIY! Use your garden fresh produce as a tool, an art form, and a gift with veggie stamping and you’re sure to leave a lasting impression on your party guests even after they leave.


  • 1 ripe onion or bell pepper
  • 1 small foam brush
  • 1 cup fabric paint
  • 1 set of tea towels




1. Cut onion/pepper in half.

2. Dip brush into paint.

3. Brush light layer of paint onto cut end of onion/pepper halves.

4. Press onion/pepper cut side down onto towel in the pattern 400-101 of your choice.

5. Let dry and use for table settings then give to your guests as party favors! 117-101




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