How to Create a Festive Table Setting


A holiday isn’t a holiday without the decorations pass4sure MB2-867 to go with it. This patriotic party will not fail to impress, with all sorts of themed delights to show off your American spirit! To start off, we have presented you with a casual and colorful table, complete with individual place settings and a simple flower arrangement, to maintain the atmosphere.

Supplies (per setting):

1 burlap napkin

2 feet of red baker’s twine

1 patriotic mini pinwheel

1 handful of small red or blue flowers

1 sprig of dried baby’s breath

1 large plain white plates

For the floral arrangement:

1 burlap table runner

1 circular red placemat

1 clear vase

1 large bunch of white hydrangeas with pops of red and blue flowers



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1. Fold burlap napkin and place on white plate.

2. Lay the piece of twine horizontally underneath the burlap napkin.

3. A stem of dried Baby’s Breath adds a whimsical background to your Independence Day table setting.

4. Place a hand-picked bunch of flowers on top of napkin vertically.

5. Place mini pinwheel next to the flowers, also on top of the napkin vertically.

6. Pick up both ends of twine and tie together into a bow so that all items on top of the napkin are now attached to its surface. If there is extra twine, trim to an appropriate length.

7. Now for the flower arrangement! Unroll burlap table runner horizontally across the tabletop so that it acts as a divider between the two halves of the table.

8. Place red circular place mat in the center of the table, on top of the unrolled burlap divider. Position a clear vase filled halfway with water (and flower feeder if on hand) and prepare to arrange your flowers. For proper cutting technique, refer to our simple How-To!

9. Fill glass vase with white hydrangeas and create a full base for your arrangement. Sparingly add small bunches of red and blue flowers in-between the hydrangea to simulate a “firework” effect.

10. If desired, wrap twine or string around the mid-section of the vase to tie it in with the rest of the table setting.

11. Your festive table setting is complete and ready to enjoy!


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