Back to School Gardening

Starting to run out of summer activities as the days of vacation start winding down? This is the time to use that garden to the fullest! With tons of simple activities to keep those restless kiddies occupied and to prepare them for the school year, you will be happier then ever with your harvest. Trust us.

Here are some easy, time-sucking activities to keep you and your kids smiling at the end of the summer season:

  • Preserve some of your harvest to use for school lunches. Try drying your veggies and saving your sunflower seeds. These fun lunch additions bring a fun and nutritious to the lunchbox while providing them with an exciting DIY story to tell (and teach) all their friends.
  • Press sunflowers to use for bookmarks and note cards. Not only can they be used for study purposes but also as small gifts for teachers and volunteers.
  • Take the time to save seeds from your summer garden for next year. You can use the extras to make your own seed packets for donating to your school garden, a local community garden, or to use as gifts or party favors during the year.
  • Plant a fall container garden. These are easy to take care of when busy school schedules hit, can easily be shielded from heat from late summer days or covered for protection from frosty temperatures in late fall.
  • Order spring seed varieties for fall planting. Research some vegetables or flowers that you would like to have in your garden come Spring time so that you can do this all over again!


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