Gardening with Your Kids

Gardening with children can provide them with an extremely long list of benefits, both physical and mental. Not only does the act of gardening offer a great range of sensory practice but it also teaches kids a valuable set of life lessons.

Some of gardening’s most obvious advantages are as follows:

  • Getting your children outdoors
  • Keeping them active
  • Giving them more responsibility
  • Immersing them in nature (plants, creatures, dirt, etc.)
  • Making them appreciate food and the environment
  • Allowing them to enjoy what they eat more
  • Teaching them the importance of sustainability

Here are some Home Farmer tips to ensure your child gets the most out of their gardening experience:

  • Start small: Starting a garden can be a lot of work. Make sure that you are fully prepared by beginning on a smaller scale and working up to a larger one once you are sure you (and your child) can handle it!
  • Plant smart: Grow the things that your child likes to eat. This way, they will truly appreciate their bounty at the end of their journey and realize the true magnitude of what gardening can do.
  • Have variety: Planting an assortment of different things shows them that they can do anything they put their mind to and makes them even more astonished when they understand what they’ve achieved.
  • Let Them Go: It is important that you allow your kids the chance to take the reins and garden by themselves. If they are given their own plot and plant with their own two hands, they are more likely to reap the rewards in the long run.
  • Teach them: As you explore this new hobby with them, make sure to educate them along the way. From planting seeds to pulling weeds, this is a completely new experience for them. Guide them as they delve into this foreign world.
  • Enjoy the process: You don’t need to tell us twice that gardening is hard work! Embrace every second of this process and you’ll appreciate your harvest that much more! It’s about the journey, not the end result. But darn will they be delicious!
  • Eat it together: Nothing is more satisfying then taking a bite out of your backyard bounty. Allow them to “dig what they eat” by actually tasting what their little hands created. This will be a bonding experience they will never forget!


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