Organic: What it Means and Why it’s Important

As we get closer and closer to introducing our 2014 Organic Line to the market, we thought it necessary to fully inform you on all the fancy jargon we’ve been using. It is very important to us that our customers are fully educated on every product we offer and have taken this opportunity to answer the burning question: What IS M2020-624 organic?

The term “organic” refers to the method by which food is grown and processed. This ecological system relies on the healthiest and richest of soil in order to produce the safest and most disease-resistant plants. While most industrial farmers use harmful toxins like chemical fertilizers and pesticides, organic farmers are 100% pesticide-free. Instead of using substances to contaminate the product or the soil, we use other natural methods to enrich them and to control pests. In other words, no organic seeds are genetically modified M2020-645 or chemically tampered with to ensure maximum germination rates and disease resistance.

The USDA Certified Organic seal assures customers of the quality and integrity of their product—in this case, our seeds. All seeds Home Farmer offers are non-GMO and untreated, guaranteed to grow the fastest and the best using all-natural production.  Organic products are produced by the people who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance the environmental quality and quality of life for future generations.

Organic seeds are most ideally suited to organic gardening practices and are chosen from the strongest, healthiest plants harvested. They have more natural drought- and pest-resistance than their conventional counterparts and, therefore, offer more superior produce. It has been proven that the best organic seeds are those grown by an individual gardener or farmer because those seeds are naturally selected to perform well in the specific soil and climate of that gardening region. So join the cause to go organic and you’ll be living a healthier and happier life!


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