New Years Gardening Resolutions

Home Farmer is kicking off the new year with a list of resolutions for a greater, greener garden! Enhance your season and your growing experience with some garden goals sure to make the most out of your 2014. By taking just a few extra steps to spruce up your garden, you will reap even more benefits from your bounty and make your new year (and growing season) one to remember.

1) Grow More, Give More- Garden For Good

This year, use the knowledge you’ve acquired as a garden guru to benefit more than just your own household. Go bigger in scale and get better in practice! Use the consequences of your garden upgrade for good by donating the extras to local food banks/pantries or farmers markets. If they aren’t taking externally grown produce, give your veggies as gifts to family or friends to share your passions with the people you love. This way, it is a win-win for everyone involved in your 2014 garden conquests!

2) Preserve and Conserve

Another way to take your gardening to the next level this new year is to do more with your bounty after it’s grown! Between canning, fermenting, and pickling, Home Farmer has outlined all of the best ways to preserve your homegrown vegetables and limit any wasteful behavior in these tighter economic times. Use these culinary tips to add some flavor and variety to your veggies and your year!

3) Find a Garden Partner in Crime

Help someone in your neighborhood discover the art of gardening and help yourself in return. Instead of spending long Asher states there's “no evidence” kiosks have experienced any negative impact whatsoever around the large Casinos ’ sportsbook business, and notes the sportsbooks themselves offer their clients a choice of wagering remotely on the phone and computer. hours gardening alone, ask someone unfamiliar to join you. Not only will you have a partner to bounce ideas off of, gain advice from, and try out new recipes and techniques with, but you will also have someone to take care of your garden when you leave town for a few days. For an extra good time, throw a seed swapping gathering in your neighborhood to recruit new gardeners, find new varieties, and waste less money!

4) Plan, Plan, Plan!

Use the winter months to your advantage by planning your garden ventures ahead of time to fully prepare yourself for the season to come. If you are going to plant something new this year, make sure to research your chosen variety and the conditions of your prospective zone in order to ensure the success of your plant. Figure out in the off-season how, what, when, and where to grow your ideal plot and make sure 2014 is your most green!

5) Try Something New

Whether it’s a new variety or a new method of growing, use this year to start a unique garden tradition. With plenty of time to plan during the winter months, there are endless opportunities of what you and your garden can do. Feeling ambitious? Try growing a variety known to be challenging. You will feel even more exhilarated than normal after its growth. Feeling crafty? Create your own personal brand of compost using materials from your home. You might just find the missing ingredient to your ultimate garden success!


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