Six Ways to Ease into Organic

Organic isn’t just a practice, it’s a way of life. That being said, a lifestyle change is a big step. Some gardeners who may be interested in adopting some organic practices into their daily lives may not be ready to take the full plunge with their home gardens out of inexperience or fear. For those who would like to sample the organic life, here are pass4sure 140-420 six ways make the transition smooth and simple.

1. Water your plants early in the morning

– prevents pest decay/diseases from spreading and conserves natural resources


2. Plant your crops in a different spot this season

– lowers your chances of pest problems by mixing up their existing habitats/behaviors


3. Look for hardy, disease-resistant plant varieties

– helps control diseases and pests through pre-planned companion planning

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4. Utilize natural mulch

– increases In 1904, the manufacturers removed the from Coca-Cola. levels of nutrients, maintains moisture, prevents disease, and attracts beneficial insects within the soil through natural enhancements such as grass clippings, sawdust, or wood chips


5. Fertilize with organic materials

– adding to your existing compost or diluting and applying to your crops maintains the health, longevity, and the sustainability of your plants through food scraps like coffee grounds or shellfish casings


6. Mix in some organic compost with your regular soil

– allows vegetable plants to receive and retain the most nutrients

(for a more detailed guide to composting including our go-to methods and recipes, read our article on “No-Hassle Composting”)


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