DIY: Painted Animal Pots

Now here is a cute way to decorate your terra cotta planter pots! Turn your pots into cute animals and watch your plants grow above their little faces. You don’t have to be an artist to create these; Just follow the step by step visual guide. Don’t worry about being perfect, cartoon characters look more heartwarming with flaws.

What You Will Need
Acrylic Paint or Pot Paint
At Least Two Brushes (One small detail brush and one larger brush for the base coats)
Terra Cotta Pots in the size of your choice


How We Did It

Step 1 Choose the color that you want to be the background and paint it on the top rim of the pot. You may want to paint a few layers depending on the thickness of your paint.

Step 2 Choose the color that you want to use as the body of the animal and paint it on the rest of the revealed terra cotta. Add animal ears or parts that would be on the animal’s head on top of the top rim color.

Step 3 Now it’s time to add the face! For the dog, we made the features a bit larger than the other animal’s features. Start with blue circles for the eyes. Then add white dots in the top corner as a highlight. Create the nose shape and add another highlight by mixing the nose color with a little bit of white. The cat is similar but has a smaller upside-down triangle nose. For the chicken, we painted an yellow-orange dot for the beak. (The farther you can get the paint to stick out in a point the better!) Draw an upside-down heart right below the beak.

Step 4 If you want, you can now add the paw print of each animal to inside of the pot in white paint. (If you notice, the dog and cat footprint are just three dots that overlap for the paw and four smaller dots for the toes) There you have it! Your animal pots are finished.


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