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5 Ways to Make Smoothie Taste Less Green

1) Choose Sweet Ripe Fruit for Sweetness Choose anything from grapes, apples, bananas, pinepples, papaya, mangoes, strawberries to throw in! The added extra flavor will offset the heavy kale or spinach and add the fruity flavor you are looking for! 2) Make It Thick With Banana –  Banana’s not only contain an immense amount of nutrients[More…]

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The Dirty 12 – What to buy Organic

The Dirty 12…. and the top 50 “Dirtiest Produce” from US Department of Agriculture EWG analyzed pesticide residue testing data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration to come up with ranking for these popular fresh produce items. All 48 Foods are listed below from worst to best. ( Lower numbers[More…]

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Gardening Against the Odds

Guerrilla Gardening has been used for ages, often as a protest and a way to create beauty in a place that beauty doesn’t naturally appear. The following Garden photos portray Guerrilla Gardening at its finest, bringing joy and happiness to some of the darkest spaces! Happy Gardening to all!  Image 1 via (cc) Flickr user Aulagarden; Image 2 via;[More…]

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Natural History Museum: Edible Entertainment

Proposed in 2010 to motivate its thousands of enthralled visitors to start incorporating home gardening as a method of sustainability in their lives, the Natural History Museum began formulating plans to build its own edible garden. The Erika J. Glazer Edible Garden is now represented among the many outdoor exhibits the NHM has erected for[More…]

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