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Valentine's Day DIY

If you”ve followed Home Farmer for long enough, you know we will make any excuse to do a garden inspired do-it-yourself. In honor of Valentine”s Day, we”ve provided you with the perfect decoration-present duo to bring your holiday home! Plus, we”re absolute suckers for succulents. Take this article and the heart flutters it provides as[More…]

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Henry Klee: The BYO (Build-Your-Own) Tomato

Henry Klee, a horticulturist and molecular biologist at the University of Florida, may be a renowned scientist but his roots are in his hobby of gardening. Throughout his personal research with the produce industry, Klee has encountered some problems with today’s mass tomato growers. Rather than striving to make every product as delicious, plump, and[More…]

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Drought Decisions: What To Do With Warm Weather Woes

In the absence of a water-heavy weather pattern, it is important to make the necessary changes for the success of your garden. This winter, as we continue to get more sun and less rain, we must adjust our traditional garden practices to include a moisture and nutrient rich diet that will sustain the health and[More…]

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GMOs: What They Are and Why We’re Against Them

At Home Farmer, we pride ourselves on carrying only the top hand-selected, all-natural, non-GMO seed varieties. It is something we are equally concerned and passionate about to ensure the pureness of our seed selections and the subsequent health of our consumers. The subject of GMO vs. non-GMO has gotten some serious press in the last few[More…]

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