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Seeds to Please: The Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

It’s officially the holiday season and where there are family gatherings and fabulous dinner parties, there is always pumpkin. Whether its in bread, pie, pudding or latte form, you can be sure that you’ll get your pumpkin fix ten times over before Fall ends. And what’s better than eating all those pumpkin-packed treats? Not feeling[More…]

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Gardening Against Global Warming

Studies have shown that the elements used in organic soil actually trap major greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide, and convert them into carbon. Through various testing methods, it has been determined that organic produce and soil is better for the body and the environment. Read up on the scientific secrets of organic gardening and learn[More…]

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DIY: How to Dress up your Pumpkins!

Rather than keeping your gardens and your holiday decor separate this year, combine them to fully embrace the fall! By adding a few of these simple decorative touches to your pumpkins, you”ll improve your “fall feng shui” and make your autumn that much more enjoyable. Just graze these tips to paint, plant, and please this[More…]

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Farm-to-Fork: Taking Root in Sacramento

Recently, a large movement has struck the nation to mesh high-quality produce with gourmet eats in what has been named “Farm-to-Fork” cuisine. For obvious reasons, the Home Farmer family is thrilled to  Cisco 350-001 exam hear that our dreams are coming true– that people are actually beginning to appreciate and acquire the art of homegrown[More…]

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Fresh New Ways to Plant Your Garden

Getting tired of looking at the same ole plot? Vamp it up next season by recycling an old home product to make into a unique, miniature garden. If being charming and adorable weren’t enough, these creative containers also won’t cost you a penny! images found via Pinterest 1. Recycled, metal tool box These open, rectangular[More…]

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