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“I wanted some lettuce for my sandwich. Ended up picking about 2 large salad bowlfuls because well we got so freaking much! #gardenproblems” “Attempting nail polish again. We”ll see how long this lasts IBM before it chips. #GardenProblems” “So, uh, slime mold. #gardenproblems” “My back is officially darker than my front #gardenproblems” “Having cut the[More…]

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The 8 Super Herbs!

Though we admit our bias, it has been proven time and time again that freshly grown ingredients can improve your health and overall happiness. Today, we’re focusing on the herbal remedies that you can grow at home to better regulate your body and mind and, in turn, simplify your life. The “Eight Super Herbs” pictured[More…]

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Watering Your Garden 101

Water Wisely: Watering your Plants Vegetable plants depend on regular watering in order to grow. Lack of water and overwatering are the most common reason for plants dying. During dry period in the summer it may be necessary to visit the garden twice daily to check on young seedlings to water them. Installing water saving[More…]

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