• If I have never gardened before, will I be able to use Home Farmer kits?

    Yes, Home Farmer does all the research for you, and provides customers with detailed instructions, videos, and articles on how to properly start and maintain your garden. We provide you with information and directions every step of the growing process, all the way to harvesting your garden. Home Farmer has made growing easy, and is a perfect product for all, whether an avid gardener or a new gardener.

  • What makes your seeds successful?

    Home Farmer provides you with the top seed varieties that have higher disease resistance and some of the highest germination rates, many over 90% germination, which ensures that you can grow more plants with less seed.

  • What comes in the seed kits?

    Home Farmer gives you a variety of seeds for each kit. Depending on the kit, each one will come with 4 or 5 packets of seeds so you can have the best variety for your garden.

  • Does Home Farmer use GMO seeds?

    No, none of Home Farmer's seed varieties are GMO.

  • Are your seeds organic?

    All of our seeds are untreated and planted by some of the largest organic growers in the world. With our kits, you too can grow amazing, flavorful, organic produce right in your back yard.